Thorbecke Initiatief Logo

I was asked to make a logo for an student platform that connects students with organizations. I was asked to make an compass like logo. You can see the result above.


Not everyone is able to afford a 3D printer so a friend and I came up with a 3D print service. People can upload there 3D model and we print these models for a small price calculated bij the model online. Read more ›

MKop is an blog website made for a client. The client wanted a blog that was cheap and fulfilled her expectations. I made the website and designed the logo. Read more ›

Phone Repairs

An friend asked me if I could upgrade the storage of his Iphone 6s and repair its touch ID, so i ordered a new motherboard for his phone replaced his old. I build my own Iphone 6s with his old motherboard. Read more ›

Electric Skateboard

One day when I did my internship in Amsterdam and the public transport had horrible connections with my bus. So I wanted to make a easy way to get around Amsterdam. That is why I made a electric skateboard. Read more ›